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What you need to know about Luxim

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At Luxim, we celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria by providing a platform where people can buy and sell preloved traditional clothes. We are passionate about fostering economic opportunities for our community and contributing to a sustainable future.

Our app is more than just a marketplace. It's a community where sellers and buyers come together to exchange beautiful traditional clothing items while promoting economic growth. By embracing the concept of preloved fashion, we encourage conscious consumerism, reduce waste, and extend the lifespan of these treasured garments.

We firmly believe that every traditional outfit tells a story, and we want to ensure that these stories continue to be cherished. Through our app, we connect people across Nigeria who appreciate the value of traditional clothing and wish to preserve it for future generations. By giving these garments a second life, we contribute to a circular economy that reduces environmental impact and supports sustainable practices.

Not only does our app provide a platform for users to sell their preloved traditional clothes, but it also serves as a gateway for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We believe in empowering individuals to turn their passion for traditional clothing into thriving businesses. Whether you're an artisan, a designer, or simply someone who wants to share their collection with others, Luxim offers you the opportunity to showcase your creativity and connect with potential customers and earn cash on your treasure.

By using Luxim, you are supporting local artisans and contributing to the growth of the traditional fashion industry in Nigeria. We take pride in being a catalyst for economic development, promoting entrepreneurship, and fostering a sense of community among our users.

Join us on this journey of preserving culture, promoting sustainability, and unlocking economic opportunities. Together, we can make a positive impact on Nigeria's fashion landscape, one traditional outfit at a time.

Happy shopping and selling!

Fumnanya and Mary,

Co-Founders of Luxim.

Join over 4,000+ customers already growing with Luxim.

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32-34 Opebi Road, Ikeja,
Lagos, Nigeria.

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At Luxim, we're not just about fashion; we're about inspiring style and improving the lives of people across our society. For more information about our mission, partnership opportunities, or customer service inquiries, please email